Fire Safety Fire Safety


Emergency Response Team (ERT)

The Emergency Response Team consists of members representing the Emergency Response Groups on Campus including;

These designated people have undergone specific training as well as draw on their own professional experience to mitigate any major emergency on campus. The ERT is on scene at all emergencies coordinating and liaising with Western community partners and outside agencies to ensure that all emergencies are resolved efficiently and effectively.  

The ERT reponds to all major emergencies on campus such as; fires, floods or major mechanical failures. This group of specialists are on call 24 hours/day and are notified by the Campus Police Communications Centre to attend at the scene of major campus emergencies.

For more information on the Emergency Response Team please see the Disaster Plan.

Emergency Operations Control Group (EOCG)

The Emergency Operations Control Group is composed of Senior Administrative Leaders whose roles are to coordinate all essential resources and support the ERT to effectively mitigate the emergency.

Upon the activation of the EOCG, members attend one of our emergency operations centres (EOC) that is equipped with multi-media and resource materials that provides recovery support.

The EOCG is requested and called out at the request of the ERT Incident Commander.

Hazardous Materials and Confined Space Rescue Team

Is composed of a group of individuals with specialized training in the mitigation of Hazardous Materials incidents as well as rescue operations.

All members have been trained to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 472-Technician Level as well as have significant experince in some other related fields such as HVAC systems, Biological Emergencies, Chemical Engineering, etc.

The team has a close working relationship with London Fire Services Hazardous Materials Team; the teams train together and assist each other in joint operations on campus.

These same members have also received significant training in Technical Rescue and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Confined Space Training. The team is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and responds to all technical rescues on campus.

Building Emergency Teams

Included in Western's large number of volunteers are 500+ Building Emergency Team Members (BET). These volunteers are equipped with a highly recognizable BET vest and the training and knowledge to assist with building emergencies. They have a primary function of evacuation during fire alarms and are well practiced to provide support in the safety of students, faculty and staff within their facility.