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Fire men taking the fire out

Fire Safety is responsible for overseeing all fire and life safety systems on Campus. Fire alarm and sprinkler systems require annual testing; this includes every heat and smoke detector, manual pull station, speaker, bell, flow switch and valve. 

Special Hazard and Fixed systems also referred to as gaseous and pre-action systems protect our commercial kitchens and areas with sensitive electronics such as MRI suites and WTS server rooms.  These systems require semi-annual testing.

In total Western has more than 100,000 fire alarm and sprinkler devices, spread across 9 million square feet, that are inspected and tested annually.  These systems provide 24/7 protection to keep our buildings and building occupants safe! 

Western has up to 5,000 portable fire extinguishers deployed throughout campus, which play an integral role of ensuring a safe campus.  The Fire Safety team ensures these units are in the right locations, maintained in good working order and provide free training.  

Fire extinguisher training is similar to first aid training, and anyone can become certified. Education and training is a proven method to increase awareness and encourage persons to take a proactive approach to fire safety. 

Fire Safety staff coordinate regularly with our on campus colleagues to answer questions, review operations and provide guidance to ensure Western is fully compliant with our legislative requirements.  

During emergencies, Fire Safety consistently coordinates with Western’s internal responding teams including the Western Special Constable Service, Hazmat Team and Emergency Response Team.  Fire safety also works closely with outside agencies who respond regularly to campus including the London Fire Department and London Police, to ensure synchronized response.

Fire Safety creates fire safety plans for all University owned properties.  A Fire Safety Plan is a document required by the Ontario Fire Code, and is designed to identify the actions that should be taken by the occupants and building management in the event of a fire or similar emergency.

Fire Safety provides leadership, day-to-day supervision, recruitment, training, budget management, organization and oversight of the Building Emergency Team BET (500 plus volunteers).  The BET are a group of leaders present in all Western owned properties that are given specific roles to perform during building evacuations.  It is the function of the BET to assist and coordinate a prompt and organized evacuation of all building occupants in the event of an emergency.